File Type Notes B-Prolog B-Prolog
golf.ecl ECLiPSe

ECLiPSe model, originally from

SocialGolfersProblem.essence Essence
golfers1.mzn MiniZinc

Model using two matrices of rounds,places -> golvers, golfers,golfers -> round

golfers2.mzn MiniZinc

Model using 3D matrix of rounds,groups,group -> golfers

golfers3.mzn MiniZinc

Model using matrix of set variables rounds,groups -> set of golfers

social_golfers1.mzn MiniZinc
social_golfers1.pi Picat
social_golfers2.pi Picat SICStus Prolog
AMPLmodel.txt txt

an AMPL model and some remarks due to J. Walser