Id Title
prob001 Car Sequencing
prob002 Template Design
prob003 Quasigroup Existence
prob004 Mystery Shopper
prob005 Low Autocorrelation Binary Sequences
prob006 Golomb rulers
prob007 All-Interval Series
prob008 Vessel Loading
prob009 Perfect Square Placement
prob010 Social Golfers Problem
prob011 ACC Basketball Schedule
prob012 Nonogram
prob013 Progressive Party Problem
prob014 Solitaire Battleships
prob015 Schur's Lemma
prob016 Traffic Lights
prob017 Ramsey Numbers
prob018 Water Bucket Problem
prob019 Magic Squares and Sequences
prob020 Darts Tournament
prob021 Crossfigures
prob022 Bus Driver Scheduling
prob023 Magic Hexagon
prob024 Langford's number problem
prob025 Lam's Problem
prob026 Sports Tournament Scheduling
prob027 Alien Tiles Problem
prob028 Balanced Incomplete Block Designs
prob029 Prime queen attacking problem
prob030 Balanced Academic Curriculum Problem (BACP)
prob031 Rack Configuration Problem
prob032 Maximum density still life
prob033 Word Design for DNA Computing on Surfaces
prob034 Warehouse Location Problem
prob035 Molnar's Problem
prob036 Fixed Length Error Correcting Codes
prob037 Peg Solitaire
prob038 Steel Mill Slab Design
prob039 The Rehearsal Problem
prob040 A Distribution Problem with Wagner-Whitin Costs
prob041 The n-Fractions Puzzle
prob042 diagnosis
prob043 differential diagnosis
prob044 Steiner triple systems
prob045 The Covering Array Problem
prob046 Meeting Scheduling
prob047 Supply Chain Coordinations
prob048 Minimum Energy Broadcast (MEB)
prob049 Number Partitioning
prob050 Diamond-free Degree Sequences
prob051 Tank Allocation
prob052 Extremal Graphs with Small Girth
prob053 Graceful Graphs
prob054 N-Queens
prob055 Equidistant Frequency Permutation Arrays
prob056 Synchronous Optical Networking (SONET) Problem
prob057 Killer Sudoku
prob058 Discrete Lot Sizing Problem
prob059 Energy-Cost Aware Scheduling
prob060 Ridesharing
prob061 Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem (RCPSP)
prob062 Interview Assignment Problem
prob063 Winner Determination Problem (Combinatorial Auction)
prob064 Generalised Balanced Academic Curriculum Problem
prob065 Optimal Financial Portfolio Design
prob066 Distance-Based Constrained Clustering
prob067 Quasigroup Completion
prob068 Traveling Tournament Problem with Predefined Venues (TTPPV)
prob069 Balanced Nursing Workload Problem
prob070 Distributed Channel Assignment Problem
prob071 Diameter and Degree Bounded Network Design Problem
prob072 Target Tracking in Distributed Sensor Network
prob073 Test Scheduling Problem
prob074 Maximum Clique
prob075 Product Matrix Travelling Salesman Problem
prob076 Costas Arrays
prob077 Stochastic Assignment and Scheduling Problem
prob078 Train Traffic Rescheduling
prob079 n-Queens Completion Problem and Excluded Diagonals n-Queens Problem
prob080 Blocked n-Queens Problem
prob081 Black Hole
prob082 Patient Transportation Problem
prob083 Transshipment problem
prob084 2cc Hadamard matrix Legendre pairs
prob085 Bookshelves
prob086 Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
prob087 Rotating Rostering Problem
prob088 Plotting
prob090 Wordpress application deployment in the Cloud
prob110 Peaceably Co-existing Armies of Queens
prob115 Tail Assignment
prob116 Vellino's Problem
prob131 Production Line Sequencing
prob132 A Layout Problem
prob133 Knapsack Problem