File Problem Notes
car.mzn 001: Car Sequencing
template_design.mzn 002: Template Design
quasiGroup7.mzn 003: Quasigroup Existence
quasiGroup4Idempotent.mzn 003: Quasigroup Existence
quasiGroup3NonIdempotent.mzn 003: Quasigroup Existence
quasiGroup3Idempotent.mzn 003: Quasigroup Existence
quasiGroup5NonIdempotent.mzn 003: Quasigroup Existence
quasiGroup4NonIdempotent.mzn 003: Quasigroup Existence
quasiGroup5Idempotent.mzn 003: Quasigroup Existence
golomb.mzn 006: Golomb rulers
all_interval.mzn 007: All-Interval Series
all_interval2.mzn 007: All-Interval Series
all_interval5.mzn 007: All-Interval Series
all_interval3.mzn 007: All-Interval Series
all_interval1.mzn 007: All-Interval Series
all_interval6.mzn 007: All-Interval Series
all_interval4.mzn 007: All-Interval Series
vessel-loading.mzn 008: Vessel Loading
golfers2.mzn 010: Social Golfers Problem

Model using 3D matrix of rounds,groups,group -> golfers

golfers1.mzn 010: Social Golfers Problem

Model using two matrices of rounds,places -> golvers, golfers,golfers -> round

golfers3.mzn 010: Social Golfers Problem

Model using matrix of set variables rounds,groups -> set of golfers

social_golfers1.mzn 010: Social Golfers Problem
non.mzn 012: Nonogram
nonogram_create_automaton2.mzn 012: Nonogram
sb.mzn 014: Solitaire Battleships
schur.mzn 015: Schur's Lemma
traffic_lights_table.mzn 016: Traffic Lights
traffic_lights.mzn 016: Traffic Lights
water_buckets_regular.mzn 018: Water Bucket Problem
water_buckets1.mzn 018: Water Bucket Problem
magic.mzn 019: Magic Squares and Sequences
magic_sequence.mzn 019: Magic Squares and Sequences
magic_sequence4.mzn 019: Magic Squares and Sequences
magic_sequence3.mzn 019: Magic Squares and Sequences
magic_sequence2.mzn 019: Magic Squares and Sequences
magic_square.mzn 019: Magic Squares and Sequences
crossfigure.mzn 021: Crossfigures
bus_scheduling_csplib.mzn 022: Bus Driver Scheduling
magic_hexagon.mzn 023: Magic Hexagon
langford2.mzn 024: Langford's number problem
bibd.mzn 028: Balanced Incomplete Block Designs
curriculum.mzn 030: Balanced Academic Curriculum Problem (BACP)

curriculum.mzn.model to be included by mzn data files

maximum_density_still_life.mzn 032: Maximum density still life
warehouses.mzn 034: Warehouse Location Problem
rehearsal.mzn 039: The Rehearsal Problem
fractions.mzn 041: The n-Fractions Puzzle
steiner.mzn 044: Steiner triple systems
set_partition.mzn 049: Number Partitioning
partition.mzn 049: Number Partitioning
diamond_free_degree_sequence.mzn 050: Diamond-free Degree Sequences
K4xP2Graceful.mzn 053: Graceful Graphs
queens5.mzn 054: N-Queens
queens3.mzn 054: N-Queens
sonet_problem.mzn 056: Synchronous Optical Networking (SONET) Problem
killer_sudoku2.mzn 057: Killer Sudoku
killer_sudoku.mzn 057: Killer Sudoku
opd.mzn 065: Optimal Financial Portfolio Design

Using a 2D-matrix of 0-1 variables

QuasigroupCompletion.mzn 067: Quasigroup Completion
TTPPV.mzn 068: Traveling Tournament Problem with Predefined Venues (TTPPV)
naive.mzn 074: Maximum Clique
stoch_fjsp.mzn 077: Stochastic Assignment and Scheduling Problem
RosteringProblem.mzn 087: Rotating Rostering Problem