File Problem Notes
golomb_ruler.ecl 006: Golomb rulers
all_interval.ecl 007: All-Interval Series
golf.ecl 010: Social Golfers Problem

ECLiPSe model, originally from

nono.ecl 012: Nonogram

An ECLiPSe nonogram solver due to Joachim Schimpf

battleships.ecl 014: Solitaire Battleships
traffic_lights_table.ecl 016: Traffic Lights
traffic_lights_backtrack.ecl 016: Traffic Lights
crossfig.ecl 021: Crossfigures

ECLiPSe code, for the crossfigure module

magic_hexagon.ecl 023: Magic Hexagon
langford.ecl 024: Langford's number problem
fractions.ecl 041: The n-Fractions Puzzle
steiner.ecl 044: Steiner triple systems
set_partition.ecl 049: Number Partitioning
queens.ecl 054: N-Queens
killer_sudoku.ecl 057: Killer Sudoku
test_scheduling.ecl 073: Test Scheduling Problem
knapsack_cp.ecl 133: Knapsack Problem
knapsack_mip.ecl 133: Knapsack Problem